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Noelle Joy Sorenson is an international award-winning director and filmmaker who started performing at the age of two by singing and dancing on school desks for her grandmother’s classes.


A native New Yorker, Sorenson has a lifelong background in the performing arts. This includes a full dance scholarship, a vocal scholarship, performing as a dancer and a singer, writing, producing and performing her own music which has been on national radio stations as well as performed in legendary clubs such as CBGB’s. She has also performed in music videos on Mtv for Jadakiss and Maino, as well as working as a freelance musician and singer.


Noelle’s introduction into film and television included taking on long term jobs for Marvel as a featured background performer and stand in. She worked on shows for virtually every major network and streaming service typically featured alongside leads and principles.  She was more than not requested and solicited for her dedication and helpfulness on set. A sign that she was on the right path was that on occasion she was asked by the lead of a show what count she should go in on and even once a director asked what entrances various actors were using in the scene. Noelle loved learning as much as she could about the industry and to capitalize on these incredible opportunities. She spoke with PAs, Wardrobe, Hair/Makeup, DPs, Sound, Directors, Producers and Showrunners, learning everything she could about every aspect of the business.


Noelle attended every director talk and master class at The Tribeca Film Festival that she could and even took an online film/director course through MIT learning about John Ford, Alfred Hitchcock, Ingmar Bergman and every other important filmmaker and director that they were able to squeeze into the course.


It was scary to spearhead her first short film as she had to wear many hats, however these past experiences definitely helped. Sorenson wrote, produced, directed and starred in her debut short film “HeArT,” which is currently on the festival circuit and has a total of over 50 worldwide selections and wins combined to date. Her awards include: 3 best actress, numerous best narrative short, directorial and teaser awards as well as emerging filmmaker awards from all over the globe.


Her mission is to create films that entertain, inspire, provoke and heal in a way that connects people from every culture and background. Sorenson’s own heartfelt desire to connect and work collaboratively is her continual inspiration and motivation as she moves forward in all of her creative endeavors.


She is also the founder of ONE WORLD LEARNING (O.W.L.), a company supporting children with a holistic and creative approach to their Early Childhood Education and beyond to become successful, confident and high academic achievers.







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