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“HeArt” has garnered numerous accolades, including the Five Best Director Awards and the Five Best Short Film Awards, showcasing Noelle’s ability to create compelling narratives on screen. Selected by over 40 prestigious film festivals worldwide, the film’s global reach affirms Noelle’s talent in resonating with diverse audiences..."

"We had the pleasure of interviewing rising star Noelle Joy Sorenson on the international acclaim she has received for her debut film, “HeArT,” which has become a hit on the festival circuit.

She was able to take time out from her busy schedule to share with us how female directors are able to thrive in a male-driven industry..."


"Can you tell us about your latest film project and the process you went through in bringing it to life?"

"HeArT started off in a very practical manner.  I knew I wanted to make a film, direct it, write it, produce it, so I started off with something small, an 8 page short with production in mind.  I knew I wanted it to be in one location, 2 actors, all about relationship.  A one day shoot.  From there it just went step by step, taking the next right action...."

"Noelle Joy Sorenson is a New York born and bred actor, filmmaker, writer. She has been involved in some facet of the performing arts her entire life. Her background expands to the areas of instrumental music, singing, dance, acting and now filmmaking and screenwriting..."


Noelle Joy Sorenson: My only ambition was to make a good film and to communicate the story that was living inside me so that I could give something to others, the audience..."

"Passionate, a dreamer with a vision and the determination to take the actions needed. A deep love for film and expression. An appreciator of life with an insatiable curiosity. A truth seeker and a story teller. Someone who wants to connect and share, with an understanding that at our best we are here to support, heal and love one another...."

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"Noelle Joy Sorenson, the driving force behind the acclaimed short film “HeArT,” has swiftly become a symbol of first-time filmmaking success for women in the movie industry."

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